How to frame artworks

Framing a work of art enhances it and makes the print or painting stand out even more.

Personally I'm a fan of framing almost all my works, I'll tell you about the different options I use for each format and how each of them looks :)


On the one hand, the watercolor sheets on paper have to be framed yes or yes, otherwise the paper can be damaged and cannot be hung as such. My favorite options are:

My favorite options are:

  • Frame with double glass

I love this option, for me it makes the sheet look very modern and clean, I have used it in many cases, almost always with the frame in golden tones.

Giraffe, watercolor on paper

Giraffe, watercolor on paper

Watercolor sheets

Watercolor plates

In this last photo you can see some sheets that I painted when I started with watercolor, they were among the first and that is why I have special affection for them and I have them hanging over the headboard of my bed :)

To frame a print in this way, it is best to take it to a specialized framing store, and explain to them that you want double glazing and more or less the space you want to leave between the print and the frame. It's a bit more expensive than the other two options, but for me it's worth it.

  • Frame with passe-partout

Perhaps the most classic option, but whichis always a hit. The passe-partout (passpartú, to understand us) is a cardboard box that can be the color you choose, although the most common is white or beige, and is placed between the sheet and the frame.

Lionesses with gold frame and passe-partout
Lioness, print with golden frame and passe-partout

There are stores where you can find frames with the passe-partout included, as in Habitat, which is even sold separately, or at IKEA I have also found several. For sizes outside of the standards, it's best to take it to a framing store.

  • Simple frame

This is my least favorite, although it is usually the cheapest. The truth is that there are many different options for frames in standard sizes, which allow you to frame a print without having to spend more than €5-10, so in many cases it can be useful, especially if you are thinking of doing a detail to someone.


Lion, print with black frame
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For example, for the prints that I sell on my website, you can easily find frames at several stores as they are standard sizes. The stores where I usually buy them are Muy Mucho, Home, IKEA, Natura and Habitat, in order from lowest to highest quality according to my criteria.


In this case we have two main differences: the canvases with a narrow edge (about 2 cm) and the canvases with a wide edge (4 cm). The latter are perfect for leaving unframed, as the sides are staple-free and can be painted for a pretty effect.

In the case of the large-format painting commissions that I have done, I always opt for canvases with a thick edge so that the canvas is more resistant, and so that they can be left unframed.< /p>

Elephant path, oil on canvas
Path of elephants, oil on canvas

However, they can also be framed, both with a deep frame and with this option that I chose for the painting I painted of Cadaqués:


Cadaqués, oil on canvas

This option is simply to paste a piece of wood behind the canvas and it greatly enhances the painting.

The traditional framework, especially of a baroque style, for me is the most. I leave you the example of the version of Klimt that I painted, with and without a frame, so you can see how things change ;)

The Three Ages of Woman

The Three Ages of Woman, oil and gold leaf on canvas

The Three Ages of Women



This option is the only one that I often like to leave unframed, since the wood is strong enough to rest on a piece of furniture/shelf and I like the result very much.

Lion and giraffe on wood
Lion and giraffe, oil on wood

However, if you want to frame it, it is also possible. For example, when I painted my puppies my mother wanted to frame them and the truth is that it was very nice:

Coco and Max

Coco and Max, oil on wood

I hope this article has been useful to you and that you find inspiration to frame your works :)

What is your favorite option? I prefer the double glass frame option for the sheets💛

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