My favorite painting techniques

I have been lucky enough to be able to try and learn to use numerous painting techniques at the art school I have attended since I was little.

I started learning to draw and fit together, with pencil and charcoal, later came pastels, and later oil. The technique I tried most recently was watercolor, which I fell in love with very quickly. I have also had the opportunity to try other techniques such as fresco painting, or fluorescent painting, super fun!

If I have to choose a technique, it is without a doubt oil. It is the one I have painted the most paintings with, and the one with which I feel most comfortable and relaxed, let's say that I am in my "zone of comfort" within the painting. I also love the finish you get with oil paint, and the strength that paintings can have.

Then would come the watercolor, with which I have not been as long as with the oil but every time I feel more comfortable. In addition, it allows me to inspire and let go more than oil. In the end, the lack of total control of watercolor is something that can frustrate you on days when you are not very inspired, but on good days it allows you to achieve brutal results.

The technique I'm not a fan of is acrylic... the truth is that I haven't given it many chances (I'd say I've painted a maximum of 3 paintings) but the subject of quick drying, and the little consistency of the color, being used to oil is something that doesn't quite convince me.

Do you share any of my preferences or the opposite?

PS: In case you're interested, the art school is called Belles Arts Francisco Valderrama and it's in Gavà and Castelldefels :)


  • Gracias por compartir, tengo muchas ganas de probar la acuarela

  • A mi me funciona muy bien la pintura acrílica… pero para formatos muy pequeños, nunca he probado con bastidores tan grandes :)

    Judit CV

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